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Blair-Cobb Wedding 10-12-19

On October 12th, 2019 we DJ'd a great couple's wedding at a venue called Hideaway at Crooked Creek. The name is very accurate because the venue is out in Southeast Greensboro and you would never have known it was even there. The owner of the property created the space when his daughter mentioned something about it. They did a wedding there and everyone loved it, so the daughter took the venue under her wing and built it up. They work as a team with the father maintaining the space and the daughter running the business. If you are looking for a venue that is out in the middle of nowhere, yet close to town, then this is the place for you!

The photos were taken by Reyna and Jon Upchurch, please take the time to look at their website and check out their amazing photos if you are in the market for a photographer!

They had a beautiful ceremony with an amazing backdrop for being in Greensboro.

The rest of the evening went great! Some of the bridal party did a little dance on the introductions! They went right into the first dances after introductions with a surprise dance with the groom and his grandmother.

Toasts were awesome with the bride's two best friends and groom's best man getting up there and saying their well wishes. After toasts we did the bouquet toss and garter toss. The bouquet toss was your normal affair, but with the garter toss, the groom did something a little different. He took the garter and placed it on a football to do his toss. A much easier way to throw it if you ask me!

This crowd weren't the dancing type but they had a blast throughout the night nonetheless; taking photos and enjoying each other's company!

Thank you Erin and Shannon for letting me a part of your glorious day!

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