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Liane and Amy's Reception 09-28-19

On September 28th, I had the great privilege to be the DJ at this beautiful couple's reception. They were married at the bus depot because of the story of how they met, which is a story of true love and the trials it can endure. Their reception was hosted at a venue called the Studio at CTG. This venue is located on Elm St in downtown Greensboro and is the back half of a theatre. It is a very nice venue and Liane and Amy did a great job in decorating it themselves.

As you can see they went with a very autumn theme, what you can't really see is the lego characters at every chair. This couple were very into legos and all that you could build with them!

We were setup in the loft, which you can see from the first picture, but was was really cool about this reception, was that they wanted to add Karaoke to it was well. One of the brides was a singer, and boy could she sing. So we set it up and made it where people could come up to the loft and sing their hearts out if so desired.

All through the night we had some karaoke and some dancing mixed together while everyone enjoyed themselves and celebrated this couple's union! At the end of the night we had endless compliments on our setup and music. It was a wonderful evening!

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